The Unified Theory of Monsta

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6 min readOct 23, 2022

Authored By: DarkLight

The Question -

What makes $Monsta both unique and great? What makes $Monsta worthy of your attention, time, capital, even your hopes and dreams?

The Problem –

It does not matter wether they are inexcusably incompetent, irretrievably corrupt or both, the people and corporations that control our economies have demonstrably failed us. Our economic system, the second most important system in the world is an unmitigated shambles, completely devoid of justice, effectiveness, reason, efficiency and hope. There is no room for global economic stability, peace, prosperity, abundance, ambition and compassion in such a diabolical system. Without rapidly changing course, this system (through war & environmental degradation) threatens the most important system in the world, the global web-of-life upon which we all depend.

We urgently need something better. Strong and wholesome systems that work reliably and dependably for everyone. The crypto market is an ocean-like primordial soup of economic potential and ruthless selection that is our best chance for the successful evolution of a system that is truly fit for purpose. Within, battles rage and malign forces churn around the seeds of economic ingenuity and integrity from which, something unique, novel, sustainable, resilient and great may one day emerge…forged in the fires of purpose.

The Solution –

A powerful form, a Monsta, strides purposefully from the cryptosocioeconomic primordial soup…

$Monsta is a true cryptosocioeconomic experiment. The Crypto market is predominantly comprised of toxic, unsustainable ponzis and pure marketing-based, designed-for-exit, fraud projects (the objectives of which are literally to draw capital from the foolish and concentrate it into the hands of the pathologically unscrupulous.) In comparison, $Monsta is a marvel of economic reason, ingenuity and critically, sincere project objectives, loaded with demonstrable integrity. Without highly inclusive objectives of integrity against which the project outcomes can be measured, there can be no genuine cryptosocioeconomic experimentation, no search for economic truth, no real attempt to deliver a sound economic system, financial freedom and hope to the people.

So far, the $Monsta experiment, which is between 14 & 20 months old (depending on wether or not you include the 6 months preparation time,) the production data is extraordinarily favourable. The smart contract mediated, wealth aggregation machine works extremely well (even at low exchange transaction volumes) and the utility data is equivalent to multiple $billion projects. For such a young project, the relatively small, yet supremely capable, tenacious and highly dedicated development team has somehow delivered; an incomparably sustainable and resilient economic model (354k Cake & 540 BNB both growing,) astonishing utility (NFT & GameFi platform with Arcade & Oasis Project Metaverse links,) one of the most active, optimistic, creative, cryptoeconomically literate, loyal and organically growing communities in the market. Producing just one of these three project attributes in such a short time would have been impressive. To produce all three is absolutely astonishing. Cryptosocioeconomic wizardry of the highest order.

The Conclusion-

What does all this potential mean?

In this Monsta’s opinion, the $Monsta protocol is on a price, vault and adoption-derived, wave-pop-gravity-well-powered journey of sustainable and potentially unstoppable growth. To understand what I mean by wave-pop-gravity-well-powered, you must become familiar with 3 things;

  • The project documentation, including the protocol modelling theories of price wave inducements through vault accumulation & hyper deflation cycles
  • The explosive potential of sustainably growing, economically interlinked utility platforms
  • The rapidly growing community and increasingly dedicated Monstas with powerfully aligned values

A powerful gravity well simply grows. The only thing that changes is the rate of growth.

The basis for community adoption and loyalty for most projects is usually extremely thin given unsound economics and poor utility. Often the only thing uniting a community is the desperate hope that somehow, the price of their bag will go up through some form or another of unjustifiable hype or market manipulation. Rarely is the foundation of community adoption and loyalty what it must be, as it is with $Monsta, aligned values & data driven evidence of economic sustainability, resilience and integrity. These attributes engender a far more explosive potential for adoption and far deeper loyalty within the community. After all, doesn’t it feel a lot better telling others about something you truly believe in and have supporting evidence for?

What are $Monsta values? I believe them to be;

  • An honest experiment in sound cryptosocioeconomic principals
  • To protect invested resource as far as is reasonable
  • To build a sustainable & resilient economic system on a path to maximum decentralisation
  • To build a global cryptosocioeconomic network capable of unlimited growth
  • Help everyone by creating abundance through economic reason, ingenuity & integrity

$Monsta just works, it’s engaging, it’s ambitious and inclusive, it inspires and it will go viral. The scope and impact will only by checked by the limits of imagination and ingenuity of its Monsta community….no limits at all then.

One day I will probably get a Monsta tat because I love the project and community but also because of the values they represent to me. Those values will never get old, never become obsolete and my alignment to them is something I can always feel good about, no matter what the future holds.


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