Origins – Part 1


Author: Bakemonsta

Rise of the Party Monstas, last hope of Monstakind

Over one hundred thousand years, Uyama, Planet of the Monstas, had witnessed the evolution of Monstakind. Of all the life-forms that had inhabited Uyama, only the Monstas had reached the necessary state of technological advancement that enabled them to leave and explore space. They had evolved from a single tribe of small, fluffy, white and blue, Grenatha Tree dwellers, to the many-tribed, space-exploring Monstanaughts. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a powerful desire to reach out and connect, the Monstas had opened themselves up to the galaxy, searching for new life and new wonders.

Being a naturally resilient species, they took relatively few security precautions during their early explorations. They were largely peaceful among themselves, settling disputes with honourable single combat, combined with an empathy and truthfulness assessment, with several of their peers sitting in adjudication. Disputes very rarely ended with a fatality. Being primarily focused upon peaceful research and exploration, the only weapons they had were largely ceremonial blades, coupled with relatively low-powered, ship-mounted, energy blasters. As such, they were completely unprepared to encounter and face the ruthless and highly advanced TechnoLizards, Xolixians of Planet Xolixus.

Tzumaki Os, flagship of the Monsta’s fleet of deep space, exploration craft, had picked up a strange signal from an unknown, uninhabited planet. They chose to investigate the source of the signal and discovered that it was coming from an alien artefact on the planet’s surface. The artefact was a large, perfect sphere of deep, metallic blue. It appeared to be extremely heavy as one third of it had crushed itself into very hard bedrock. As soon as the Monstas stepped within twenty metres of the artefact, a terrible and powerful, incapacitating sound was emitted. Ribbons of blue, flame-like energy shot out of the sphere, attaching themselves to each of the nearby Monstas, draining them of their life force. The remaining Monstas were called urgently back to the ship.

The sphere began to rotate and the surface changed, becoming translucent. A single figure stepped out, a TechnoLizard Sentinel. The being resembled a seven foot tall, powerfully built, cyborg-lizard and was wearing a metallic, red robe covered in arcane symbols. He wielded a long, Splinter Spear with a Zilian Light Blade at one end and an Exusvostin Pulse Cannon at the other. He touched a symbol on his robe, which briefly glowed green, and a small, metallic device detached itself from the robe and immediately shot off, towards the Monsta flagship, merging itself with the hull. The Sentinel then turned and re-entered the sphere.

The Blue sphere had been a trap, laid by the Xolixian TechnoLizards, who believed it was their sacred mission to seek out and annihilate all other forms of intelligent, space-faring life in the universe. If the Xolixian’s failed, it is said, the universe would be obliterated by a titanic, inter-species war that would end all life. This sacred duty had been entrusted to them by their God, Skallaxus, which had first manifested it’s will, three days after their most advanced AI had became self-aware, around five thousand years ago. Tzumaki Os returned to Uyama having failed to detect the alien beacon, thereby showing the TechnoLizards the location of the Monsta home world.

For several hundred years, the Monstas bravely fought the Xolixian TechnoLizards. Monsta technology advanced rapidly once the war had begun and their profound physical and mental resiliency, particularly against technological, biological and psychological infiltration gave them critical time initially, to mount a defence. Fusion reactors powered by Tritium from their purple oceans, generated the planetary shield that protected them from being overwhelmed immediately. However, it did not prevent enemy incursions utilising a kind of wormhole technology that could place enemy units on the planet surface.

A war of attrition ensued, one that the Monstas came to realise they could not win, confined to their planet as they were and coming from behind technologically. The Monsta council, formed from the leaders of all the great tribes, surrounded by thousands of their brethren, came together. They intoned their common invocation…

“Many faces, many voices,

Many histories, many choices,

All Monsta, all one,

Explorers all, rise or fall.”

With heavy hearts, yet grim determination, they accepted that their defeat was inevitable. It was simply a question of time. So they took ten thousand of their precious eggs, which had already been fertilised and nurtured to the point at which their hatch cycle could occur, and placed them in a specially designed evacuation craft. They included knowledge drives full of history, technology, navigational data and information relating to the enemy. The hope was that the Monsta species could be saved, reclaim the knowledge of their ancestors and eventually, their home world. Towards the end of their preparations, a Monsta came forward carrying an unusual, crystal egg and claiming to have had a vision. The vision told of a special Monsta that would hatch from the crystal egg. A Monsta with the power to help the Monstas end the scourge of the TechnoLizards and reclaim their home world. The crystal egg was added to the rest of the precious cargo without question.

In order to give the evacuation craft the best possible chance of escaping the TechnoLizards, the Monstas needed to create an immense distraction. Together they decided to sacrifice everything. So the day of the evacuation came and the Monsta engineers drew the planetary shield back, focusing all the energy and directing it as a beam out into space, cutting the huge Xolixian Mothership in half. Without the planetary shield, a full-scale invasion by the enraged enemy began. The Monstas held nothing back and inflicted terrible losses on their enemy. Even so, when the evacuation ship was launched, it was picked up by one of many Xolixian cruisers which set off in pursuit. The evacuation ship initiated a space fold (new technology recently developed by the Monstas) just as the enemy cruiser fired one of its particle beams. Most of the beam carried on through the space where the evacuation ship once was….

….the unfold left the evacuation ship on approach to a planet called Earth. Unfortunately the tip of the particle beam had travelled with the ship and cut through the hull and main hanger. This was enough to send the ship off course, crash landing into the Earth’s Moon.

Humans from the planet Earth had detected the mysterious energy signature from the unfolding and arrival of the Monsta evacuation ship. The crash landing had taken place on the Dark side of the Moon and an international mission was immediately scrambled to investigate. When they reached the crash site, they found the alien craft, largely intact, though with a large hole at the back….and a single, pulsing, crystal egg-shaped object, lying on the Moon surface. They placed the crystal object into a container marked with the Japanese flag.

One month later, the Monsta eggs inside the ship began to hatch, watched over from a nearby facility, recently erected by the Humans. They were naturally wondering where the aliens had come from, what they were doing here and how they were going to get all ten thousand of the hungry, immature, boisterous alien Monstas, to Earth?

The Xolixian campaign continued until most of the remaining Monstas were annihilated. So angered by the destruction of their mothership and the escape of the evacuation ship that they left two thousand Sentinels on Uyama, enough to ensure the surviving Monstas would never reclaim their home world.

If only they had learned of the prophecy of Umareta Keki.


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