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8 min readMar 24, 2022

Author: Bakemonsta

It’s a new day, time to wake up. Can’t see properly yet, but pick up the phone anyway. Squint at the screen until eyes can see through the blur. Come on. That’s it. A little more. Must see what’s going on before attempting anything else. Pulse increases slightly…..strange things can happen in Crypto in two hours. There was that time when goofypastaturdcon pumped 549% in eight hours. Man that was awesome. Made some solid bank. Should have sold entire bag before the team rugged and it fell back down like a stone. Oh well, could be worse. Portfolio looking much nicer now. A nice spread of dog and cat sheetcorns, ready for something to pump. Just sit tight and pray.

The speculation, tribalism, mass marketing, manipulation and largely ponzi-type “investing” strategies, that are prevalent within the Crypto market, are familiar to most of us. We’ve pretty much all “been there” to one extent or another because it is largely unavoidable. To a very great extent, anyone that is “investing” but isn’t rigging the game in their favour, should probably be calling their strategy what it really is, gambling.

It is no secret that the market is infested with institutional banking capital…using it’s influence to largely undermine, co-opt and control the nascent technology, networks, assets and currencies, whilst lobbying for regulation that is squarely in its own favour. Meanwhile, the market becomes more and more ludicrous as it moves further and further away from its founding vision of decentralization, disintermediation and inclusion.

Thankfully, hidden within the noise, the true vision lives on. Innovation with integrity forges ahead, despite the awesome task, noise and obstacles. Projects that place economic reason and decentralization at the top of their priorities are deploying after years of hard work and refinement. The pendulum is about to swing powerfully, once again, towards decentralization.

For a Monsta that “knows” and by that I mean, has figured out the general principals and forces in play within the Crypto market, along with a healthy understanding of the Cake Monster protocol, the sun is rising, Springtime is here for DeFi. It is clear from the White Paper, project roadmap, project team, community and production data coming from the protocol and platform features, that Cake Monster is a moral system upon which a novel, sustainable, resilient economic model has been built. It is perfectly suited to further decentralization via decentralized bridging and can sit across multiple networks, growing to become the most advanced, sustainable, resilient wealth reserve aggregation and management system in human history.

A Monsta that knows these things, or at least, believes them to be realistically possible, is not gambling but truly investing, perhaps for the first time since they began putting time, skills and/or money into Crypto. Due diligence and fundamental analysis may finally begin to mean something to the market and begin to influence larger and larger flows of capital. This presents every Monsta with the genuine possibility of taking a more relaxed approach and actually enjoying their investment and the vibrant, growing, creative and entertaining, community of which they are now a part.

Monsta Attractions Day to Day

First things first, wake up and check the Monsta TG Stats Bot, which provides beautifully summarized telemetry of the latest platform action. Naturally, of greatest significance is the continually growing, non-correlated reserve and the continually hyper-deflating supply of $Monsta. Then, be it Telegram, Discord or Twitter, catch up with your Monsta Fam, accompanied by liberal use of stunning custom stickers and Monsta gifs to communicate a sense of optimism, enjoyment, help, insight and acknowledgment of the latest contributions. This is a wonderful, highly productive community and it can quite easily take all day.

In addition to direct engagement within the social community channels, there are of course many other kinds of engagement, educational, financial and entertainment, all ready to occupy and reward a Monsta’s time, to an ever increasing extent, on a daily basis.

Project Team articles

The project team is always producing high quality Medium articles to help inform and educate the community. Essential reading that is always rich with high concept information, often requiring multiple readings.

Guest Medium articles

The community has understandably been inspired by the protocol and project. The guest Medium account, containing all kinds of writing, from personal accounts about finding and joining the community, to fan fiction and humorous protocol analogies, allows Monstas the chance to express themselves creatively and reach out to other communities. I expect this account will grow in use, variety and depth over time.

The Daily Monsta

Every new edition of The Daily Monsta is a work of art. It is a beautiful, single page image, configured like a Newspaper Broadsheet, replete with community references and characters. It seemingly effortlessly caters to a rapidly developing culture of wit, alongside the ever growing need to disseminate the apparently endless supply of Monsta News.


Monstas like to make friends and are continually looking to make partnerships with other projects that share the values of integrity and innovation, with a vision of decentralized abundance and inclusion. Several partnerships exist (PancakeSwap, Oasis, Chainlink, Flooz, TofuNFT, CryptoBlades) that have already led to mutual community growth and collaborations around platform utility. No doubt more will come, both from existing partnerships and new.

Monsta Mafia & Twitter Raids

Every Monsta wants to share their insight into this incredible platform with the world. Helping to shill a project founded with great integrity and economic reason is a pleasure, but why not also get organised in order to be more effective? Why not be paid by the community you are contributing towards and helping to grow? The Monsta Mafia enables anyone to complete community tasks in order to earn $Monsta. In addition to this, the community will Raid Twitter together, for no reward. Simply an act of mutual support in attempting to penetrate the noise and try to ensure people outside the community are given a chance. These methods have been extraordinarily successful and have demonstrably raised the profile and level of awareness of the project within the social platforms and aggregators that measure engagement levels.

Financial rewards & Monsta fun

Most of the utility and fun a Monsta can have with the platform also provides financial incentives, structured to support the protocol and growing economy. This is critical to the core philosophy of rewarding valuable contributions that help reinforce the web of incentives that supports the protocol engine and enables the growth of sustainable features with genuine utility. The explosion in platform utility is not likely to stop any time soon. It looks entirely possible that wealth management and a whole lot of fun could one day, become a full-time job for each and every Monsta. In an age of high attention competition and deteriorating attention spans, the project has come a very long way to building the keys to unlocking powerful user growth and retention. Some of the existing core features include;

  • Bake & Stake claiming massive daily $Monsta yields simply for committing to the project by locking up $Monsta
  • Kitchen $Cake Crumbs awarded every 1% total $Monsta supply deflation
  • Diamond Claw level 5 Pancake Syrup pool dividends, claimable every three days in $Cake
  • Diamond Claw levels 1–5 access to Kitchen bake & iTax
  • Diamond Claw perpetual $Cake Lottery, drawn every three days with a rollover prize pool
  • Party Monsta PXP & $Monsta “feedmining”
  • Party Monsta Rob a Monsta game with PXP & $Monsta prizes
  • For Good charity that anyone can get involved in, helping to feed individuals in need, then scaling up to helping, anyone and everyone until the job is done

If that weren’t enough for a nine month old project, perhaps the rapidly approaching delivery of these additional features will further demonstrate the totally relentless dedication of the project team, to the pursuit of exceptional utility and excellence;

  • Party Monsta Arcade, including additional Oasis Metaverse interaction, play to earn features, more utility, games and rewards for the Party Monsta platform…all feeding the protocol and strengthening the incentive model
  • Multi-asset reserve via BNB. accumulation with all the potent resilience, community and utility growth implications
  • Gen 1 Party Monsta NFT Upgrades
  • Lottery 2
  • Monsta bonds
  • Monsta farming
  • Monsta LP
  • Monsta DEX
  • Multi-network reserves

Whatever you’re interest, there is something here to engage, entertain and reward any Monsta. From big-brain Maff Lord crypto economists to NFT degens, from artists to writers, from investors to entrepreneurs or even to generalists who just want to be up to their neck in anything Monsta related. When you have access to a sustainable, resilient wealth aggregation protocol, expending effort, committing resource, contributing generally makes a great deal of sense. A sustainably growing, sovereign wealth aggregator and management system has the potential to support an incredible array of globally progressive and inclusive socioeconomic ambitions. Seriousness has never been so much fun. Monstas will be making Monstas for a long time to come. The world has seen nothing like this before. Monsta OG or Monsta noob, Monsta whale or Monsta minnow, it matters not. This is a game we can all play and all win together. So relax, have fun and shoot some guns with your Monsta brothers and sisters.


Opinions or ideas expressed in articles published in the Cake Monster Guest Column are of the respective authors and do not represent those of the Cake Monster Team.

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