Ever seen a Monsta Eat a Mountain of CAKE?

Cake Monster - Guest Column
5 min readFeb 23, 2022


Author: Bakemonsta

Friends, Monsta Fam, greetings. For many months, it seems the whole of crypto has been consumed by corrosive doubt concerning the future of decentralized finance and the fate of countless bags bursting with economically irrational, inflationary, centralized, fraud-infested, exclusive, expensive, insecure, copy-pasta, fragile, shitcoins. We appear to be so far from delivering anything remotely resembling adequate systems for decentralized finance as to make the term a bit of a joke.

However, eight months after the launch of Cake Monster, the uniquely novel, cryptocurrency-based, monetary policy, doubt can finally be banished. Whilst it is true, the market is only just becoming fully aware of the power and sustainability of the Cake Monster protocol as an economic engine for decentralized finance. Evidence accrual, awareness and adoption is rapidly accelerating.

What exactly is the market beginning to learn that will make all the difference in the strength, durability and growth of adoption?

  • The cyclical waves of MONSTA price movement is programmed – this is critical to volume harvesting and the non correlated asset reserve growth.
  • The beating heart of the economic engine – is elastic hyper-deflation coupled with volume derived reserve growth. The intra-cycle MONSTA price wave is the pulse. The end of cycle reserve distribution and MONSTA redistribution is like mainlining adrenaline.
  • There is a rapidly diminishing supply of MONSTA – because MONSTA represents equity in this novel force for the total disintermediation of the sclerotic financial system. This equity will sustainably enable the development and provision of; regular NFT and reserve derived multi-asset, multi-network dividends. The chance to grow equity position through staking, bonding, lending, P2E and liquidity provision yield. A voice within the decentralized autonomous organization that the project is already on the way to becoming. A place within a community that fosters a culture of integrity, innovation, creativity, abundance and economic reason.
  • Oops, no, it’s not a meme. Viral-like adoption potential, stunning artwork, sure, but it is absolutely NOT just a meme. Rather, it is the most advanced economic system and value aggregation mechanism ever conceived.
  • The protocol has objective, measurable, non correlated value – and with this single layer of value abstraction (reserve held outside the native MONSTA token denominated system) we achieve significant and robust credibility, stability and authority for overall platform valuations…..particularly when the market has caught up and volume has increased significantly.
  • It will continue to rapidly evolve, scale and decentralize – progression through the development roadmap with high execution quality and verified pipeline, has already been established. Reserve asset additions will cross communities, economic models and network infrastructure configurations making scaling and decentralising the platform and fortifying its resilience, highly achievable and impactful.
  • It is highly resilient to economically irrational or whale-sized manipulators – dumping on retail does not work to terminally damage the platform or community. Malicious or manipulative dumping helps to further distribute MONSTA equity and also increases the reserve value for holders. All volume is good for the protocol, community and reserves.
  • When this project team gives something to the community, instead of then trying to take it back again or “redistribute” it, they help committed holders to consolidate or even grow their equity further, whilst also growing platform utility.
  • Decentralized finance absolutely requires a sustainable and rational economic model – Cake Monster is both.
  • Human interactions are powered by incentives – and via incentives one can remodel the world.
  • Good DeFi will drive out bad DeFI in a free market – DeFi can preserve the free market to the benefit of all. By adopting the Cake Monster protocol, together we turn DeFi up to 11 and foster a platform that potentially cannot be iterated upon. The core protocol is so fundamentally powerful that all adaptation and evolution can happen within it without disruption of everything built upon it or the community.
  • Holding MONSTA equity in the protocol is extraordinarily good value – the risk at anything like current entry levels is very low relative to the reward potential. The list of rewards is extensive; crumb dividend every 1% supply deflation, asset (soon to be multi-asset) reserve vault every cycle, re-issuance of relative MONSTA stake every cycle, MONSTA yields, Diamond Claw lvl5 pancake pool vault staking dividends and so much more on the way.

Within these statements resides much of the nuanced threads of economic modelling, incentives and governance that combine to produce outcomes we might finally be proud of relative to the idea of DeFi. Outcomes are what matter after all. Presently the outcome of our supposed pursuit of decentralized finance is pitiful. Yet there is hope because the vision of a moral, free society with a moral, resilient economic model lives on and is embodied by Cake Monster.

The words of Jean-Jacques Rousseau from his book, Confessions…

“Qu’ils mangent de la Brioche,” or

“Let them eat cake,”

…are said to have been uttered by a great French princess on being told the peasants had nothing to eat. Whether a true anecdote or not, the phrase and sentiment captures perfectly the kind of grotesque immorality, injustice and shockingly casual cruelty that once inspired a revolution.

Perhaps then, it is apt that the Cake Monster protocol and community will inspire a much needed revolution in decentralized finance. Together, we can bake enough Cake (and other reserve assets) for the world and perhaps nobody need go hungry again.

As a Monsta community member once said…

“Let them have their cake and eat it!”


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