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Cake Monster - Guest Column
8 min readApr 24, 2023

Author: JR

Hey guys, its me again… So I’ve been wanting to provide an update for the last few weeks but I didn’t want to do it too soon as the experiment is really over as we still have roughly 9 weeks from the time of writing this article. Meaning things are about to get really real soon!

Lets get back to the beginning, Invested $1295 into Cake Monster and Monsta Party as a test account for my own personal experiment of how somebody can turn a relatively small or average investment amount into a larger amount just by playing along and interacting with the protocol and what it offers its investors.

Lets start with Monsta Party. I have been keeping an update, every week (well mostly every week), which I have been posting within the telegram group to keep everyone up to date, but I decided another medium guest column was needed to bring everyone up to speed and to explain what I do every Friday morning as it gives me a great indication of where my $1k account currently is and how its been growing. As set out in the original article, I would keep interact by doing the absolute minimum. This minimum included that I would use the remaining 0.46 left in $BNB of my initial investment to make sure that I would not increase my investment at all for gas fees or for feeding the MP NFT 0,01 $BNB for a snack to remain active and claim the weekly rewards. I had calculated what the cost would be within the first article to substantiate the above.

Now due to the market conditions (proper bear winter) I decided to pivot slightly when it came to Monsta Party. Naturally, but not limited to, when less people feed and interact within the Monsta Party protocol as well as the more PXP that gets earned, the more the rewards are diluted and become less. I have been tracking weekly, where I originally stated that a 2k (2195 PXP) PXP MP would earn 1000 MONSTA/ week, my now 3961 PXP On average, has earned around 958 $MONSTA/Week over a 21 week average. So naturally, I decided to conserve a bit of BNB and risk being robbed for a very short period of time. The reward or PXP to be robbed wouldn’t be as significant for somebody to rob as I would continue to claim on the 7th day, as well as the 10th day. So by the following 7 day period, my MP wouldn’t be active but the $MONSTA rewards and PXP wouldn’t be significant for a larger PXP “degen” to rob him. This allows for less $BNB to be spent to try and maximise on the rewards. Regarding the amount earned, I initially predicted that my MP NFT would earn roughly 46 000 $MONSTA in the 46 weeks. The average amount of rewards that the NFT is currently earning is slightly less that the 1000/wk as anticipated, however to date the $MONSTA earned is a total of 40 288.52 (I baked an amount of 24343,05 $MONSTA on the 09/12 to avoid being itaxed)

In my original article, I had anticipated a rise of 1932 PXP (35 PXP/WK x 46 weeks + Average PXP/feed 7pxp/wk x 46weeks), I am currently sitting at 3691 PXP which is still 483 PXP shy of where I predicted I wanted to be. By the end of the cycle I should be pretty close. I had also won a few robberies myself along the way which also added to the Monsta Wallet holding and additional PXP. Every time I feed, I use the opportunity to try out for a Robbery, essentially is a free chance to RAM every time you feed as only fed, active MPs can rob. I am still sitting with 0,326 BNB ($108,60) within my Metamask to ensure that I have sufficient funds available.

Now Lets shift over to CAKE MONSTER.

Initially when I bought in, my holding of $MONSTA was 931 646,09 where I immediately baked it as mentioned in the first medium. I linked the staking/baking medium for examples on this. My APY at the time of baking was 11% with a boost of 289%. At the time when I baked we on the downward trend of the U shaped yield curve, where the bottom was between September and November, before it went on an upward trend for the remainder of the cycle.

At the time of the of writing the first article (for reference was a week later to give the statistics) my baking rewards were around 235,33 $MONSTA/day. I anticipated a growth of around 76 482 $MONSTA over the remaining 325days before the end of the cycle with the growth in APY and the compound effect. I had initially predicted a total baked holding of 1 008 128,09 $MONSTA by the end of the cycle. It seems that I made a fundamental flaw in the original article by not including the future baked amount of rewards. Due to keeping fees down and not interfering in the initial Boost APY… I decided on claiming the pending baked rewards on per month. The current APY is now at 22% while the boost is at 273%. My current holding is sitting at 1 049 436,89 $MONSTA (including the 24 343,05 that was earned from Monsta Party Nft rewards). The pending amount of baking rewards is currently sitting at 7819.53 bMonsta which will be claimed at the end of the month.

So to summarise:
my wallet holding is currently: 15 945.46 $MONSTA
Baked wallet: 1 049 436.89 $bMonsta
Pending bake rewards: 7819.53 $bMonsta


Before we get into the various vaults and their % growth and values, we have to talk about the growth in my vault share. While I have been collecting my weekly Monsta Party rewards, monthly baking rewards and the odd successful robbery here and there. When I originally purchased the $MONSTA holding my vault share was 0,014658% while now its up to 0,017% which is still a far way away from my predicted 0,028676%. Bear in mind this was purely an estimate when dividing this experiment using the vault share % and how it changed over a week period while writing the first article. Also to bear in mind, no pun intended here, but we have been through a serious BEAR market. The amount of volume has dropped significantly. This should be accelerated immensely when we reach the pinnacle point of the end of the cycle…where we are hoping that a lot of last minute investors will be buying $monsta to get their piece of $CAKE and $BNB.

My vault % has increased by 16% from 0,014658% — 0,017% meaning which will drastically change the initial vault holdings below.

CAKE Vault

Now naturally as everything is moving forward, our vault is continuously growing. Our Cake vault has slowed down quite a bit due to Pancake swap throwing curveball after curveball and reducing the emissions meaning that our reward APR has drastically dropped. It has showed immense growth nonetheless. When I first wrote the article, the amount within the Cake vault was was 313,791.88 $CAKE ($3,45/$CAKE) at a value of $1,082,581.99. Currently, at time of writing the protocol has amassed 416,577.65 $CAKE ($3,67/$CAKE) valued at $1,528,679.98. The growth has been incredible. 102 785,77 $CAKE difference meaning that the cake vault grew by over 32%. However the massive increase is in the value of the Cake Vault due to the pricing of $CAKE then and now. The Vault value has had over 40% increase in value.

Original vault payout:
46,13 $CAKE ($158)

Current Vault payout
70,58 $CAKE ($259)

In my original article I believed our Cake vault would end up around 500 000 $CAKE, but unfortunately due to the drop in APY and changes within the Pancake protocol, I believe our vault will end up around +-435 000 $CAKE.

BNB Vault

The main vault for our Tokenomics/protocol mechanism. The vault growth is directly attributed to our volume which means the more volume the more $BNB is stacked into the vault. We have naturally seen a massive spike in our $BNB holdings, from the first article we had stocked 302.98 $BNB valued at $81 771.28 ($269,89/$BNB) while it has significantly increased to 819.30 $BNB valued at $271 396.10 ($331/$BNB). This means that there was over 515 $BNB increase in Vault holding. What’s even better than the growth in $BNB is the value has made a whopping 230% growth in value.

Original vault payout:
0,04 $BNB ($10.79)

Current Vault Payout
0,1388 ($45.95)

Which is over 325% increase…. And growing!!!!

So…we come to the prediction of the $BNB vault.

Its such a tough one as nobody can predict the market conditions or the amount of people waiting in the wings to deploy capital to get their fair share of the vault. We can only wait and see. My original prediction of $BNB in the vault was originally 1272 $BNB… if everything stays the same… then we are on track for +-900 $BNB….but should mayhem erupt and the volume shoots up, more burning occurs, more volatility occurs, more unbaking etc, we could definitely be set up for my original 1272 $BNB.

So to out everything into perspective. My initial investment of $1295 (including the $BNB in the wallet for feeding) into the whole protocol in currently valued at:

Wallet: 15 945.46
Baked wallet: 1 049 436.89
Pending Baked rewards: 7819.53
Future Cake vault payout: 70.58 $CAKE
Future BNB vault payout: 0.1388 $BNB
Metamask feeding wallet: 0.326 $BNB

Nett Potential: $1607.85 (based on current monsta price of $0,00113/$MONSTA)
(+24% up…and counting)

Lets do our thing again… lets look at some hypotheticals scenarios…

What if $monsta reaches 0,005, $cake $5 and $450 $BNB at the end of the cycle?
(Current Holding value that is most definitely going to change, but for demonstration purposes, lets keep it exactly where it is for the numbers)

$MONSTA holding (including $MONSTA and pending):
1 073 201.88 = $5366
70.58 $CAKE = $352,90
0,1388 $BNB = $62,46

= $5781,36 which would be a +340% increase from original investment.

And this is possible. With the vault payout before the next cycle mints, this puts almost $2million into the wallets of many long term holders of $MONSTA, this means that there is a huge possibility of loads of volume and loads of volatilities…. What we do know, is Cake Monster loves both of those!

About Cake Monster

Cake Monster is a unique and elastic DeFi protocol that works in deflationary two-year cycles on BNB Chain. The intrinsic token (MONSTA) value is backed by its non-correlated asset vault reserves (e.g. BNB, CAKE), which are largely used to reward holders at the end of each cycle.

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