Crypto Perfection — An experiment with MONSTA

Getting Started

On the 19th of July, I set up a test account to test out all my various theories on investing with Cake Monster and Monsta Party.

The Monsta Party P2E Ecosystem

I additionally spent 0.5BNB on a >2k PXP Monsta Party NFT (called MP from now on). This worked out to $134.73.

Ok lets go back to the MAFFS here and current update.

On this day of writing — being the 28th of July 2022.


If nothing changes in the market. Like absolutely nothing. ALL prices stay the same… WHICH is honestly very unlikely. But hey…shit can happen.

So to put this ALL together now:

After the cycle end in 325 days you will have the following:


~$352.14 (Includes initial investment cost + MP cost + MP claim/snack + 5% MONSTA tax, etc.)

Now imagine (conservatively):

0.005 $MONSTA
$10 $CAKE
$500 $BNB


Opinions or ideas expressed in articles published in the Cake Monster Guest Column are of the respective authors and do not represent those of the Cake Monster Team.

About Cake Monster

Cake Monster ($MONSTA) is an undertaking in sustainable Hyper-Deflationary Economics. We have developed a groundbreaking economic policy and wrapped it as a cute Meme on BNBChain. To give you some fun along the way, you’ll find On-Chain Games, Play2Earn NFTs, and other rewarding features that let you earn money in the world’s first sustainable Hyper-Deflationary Ecosystem while making the protocol work for you. We offer the best of both worlds — finance, and fun memes.

About Monsta Party

Monsta Party Gen-0’s are a collection of 9,999 Play-2-Earn NFTs on the BNB Chain and powered by the Cake Monster DeFi protocol. Gen-1 Party Monstas take it one step further with a growing collection of arcade exclusive NFTs with unique features and benefits! Browse our verified listings on tofuNFT marketplace and add a Party Monsta to your NFT collection today!

Official Marketplace Listings:

Gen-0 Marketplace Listings via tofuNFT
Gen-1 Marketplace Listings via tofuNFT
Gen-0 Marketplace Listings via PancakeSwap NFT Market
Gen-0 Marketplace Listings via NFTKey

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Cake Monster - Guest Column

Cake Monster - Guest Column

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