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7 min readMar 16, 2022

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Author: Bakemonsta

The Prophecy of Umareta Keki

Monsta Kami — Umareta Keki (Cake born)

JAPAN TOKYO - On the night of 19th June 2021, a category four hurricane is raging. Within the eye of the storm, between two enormous, black skyscrapers, pouring rain and flickering streetlights, a series of unlikely events culminate in the fulfilment of prophecy, the cataclysmic birth of Umareta Keki, a being of immense, barely contained power.

Three stories, three fates converge and the universe is changed forever.

Kenro Tokujiro, a once proud, honourable man has lost everything. The Covid pandemic lockdowns have destroyed his Kenjutsu school. His son, Lehiro, soulful and talented, had died of a heart attack, brought about by an adverse reaction to a vaccine he’d taken in order to travel with his friends. After months of difficulty attempting to deal with these events, Kenro’s wife Akari, had begun an affair. She couldn’t cope with Kenro’s need to drink to forget. Kenro spirals further into alcoholism, anger and depression. Akari finally leaves him one night, as he lies in a pool of his own whiskey, urine and vomit.

On the night of June the 19th 2021, Kenro finally reaches his nadir. He picks up a bottle of whiskey, his Father’s Katana and walks out into the maw of the ragging storm. He turns, cursing the hollow, wretched thing his home has become, turns and leaves forever. He battles the storm through the empty streets of Tokyo for hours. Then, drenched and crazed, he kneels down in the middle of the road, between two enormous, black skyscrapers. The eye of the storm has come for him, and in its relative calm, he prepares to commit Seppuku with his Father’s sword. A last act to redeem his honour. A warrior’s death.

Satonari is a mid-level Yakuza with great ambition. He forcefully pulls a shocked driver from the cab of the truck he is hijacking. He can barely keep the smile from his face as he imagines the glory he will taste as a result of his daring exploit. Using the storm to his advantage, his crew has ambushed and taken control of a heavily armoured convoy guarding a secret, alien artefact. He had used much of his personal stash of wealth in order to bribe an official for the information. It would be worth it. The convoy had been trapped temporarily by the ferocity of the storm at an inadequately secured, government facility, on their way to Tokyo’s port. There were four trucks in the convoy and with all the guards dead, the drivers tied up, they begin rolling out of the facility. Satonari’s truck contained his alien prize. Unfortunately, as the truck moved out of the facility, an alarm had been activated and the sound of approaching sirens could be heard in the distance. The slow-moving trucks were caught by outlier police who immediately begin firing upon the Yakuza and the trucks. They Police appear to be oblivious to the danger of hitting the potentially, highly dangerous artefact within the truck. A mad chase ensues, punctuated by flashes of lightning, gunfire, storm debris, explosions and wrecked police cruisers. They veer around a corner and the noise of the storm drops significantly. The trucks and police cars speed along a road that leads between two enormous, black skyscrapers. Satonari’s eyes widen as he takes note of two unusual details. There is a man kneeling in the road, face down, his insides spilling out in front of him, his blood mixing with the rain all across the surface of the road. Behind the eviscerated man, an enormous, enraged Polar Bear is charging up the road towards his back.

The Polar Bear didn’t like being confined. The noise of the storm outside drew the buried rage from deep within. His fury began to rise in answer to the wildness of the storm. He paced around and around his enclosure, searching for a weakness. Suddenly, an enormous, shuddering crash hits the side wall of the enclosure. A huge piece of metal & neon signage has broken away and blown into the wall. A massive crack snaked it’s way down the middle and without a moment’s hesitation, the bear stands up to his full fifteen foot height, roars as load as thunder and charges. The impact is like an explosion and the wall burst outwards in fragments, the bear thundering through. He keeps running, merging his fury with the storm’s.

Satonari’s eyes opened even wider, when a particularly loud roar from the charging Polar Bear causes the dying man to stand, turn and draw his Katana. He screams a battle cry and leaps towards the crazed animal, ramming his blade deep into its chest, up to the hilt. At the same time, the bear’s jaws closed upon Kenro’s opposite shoulder, crushing the bones to pieces. It’s forelegs wrapping around, enveloping the body and lifting the man like a rag doll. Kenro’s blade has struck true and the bear’s charge becomes a tumble, the combatants locked in a death grip.

Satonari hauls on the steering wheel of the truck in an attempt to avoid the man and the bear. At that same moment, a police cruiser rams into the back of the truck, causing it to slide too far around and flip over onto it’s side. It comes to a stop next to the prone bodies of Kenro and the bear. With bullets flying everywhere and grave damage to the truck, the fuel-tank ignites. The other trucks and police cruisers, with nowhere to go, pile up around the flaming truck. Then time seems to slow down. A bolt of lightening, a spark of brilliant, iridescent destiny, strikes the flaming truck and an explosion, powered by the alien energies within the artefact turns night into day and everyone in a two hundred metre radius to ash.

All accept Kenro, the Bear and Satonari. Their dying bodies, so close together, so near the source of the blast, are struck by exotic particles ahead of the wave of destruction that follows. Their bodies and spirits merge, altered at the quantum level. The wave of energy from the explosion casts the new form through a nearby Pancake shop window at the base of one of the black skyscrapers.

When Umareta Keki regains consciousness he screams. An awful sound like an avalanche combined with the screech of a steam train’s whistle. If anyone had been left alive in the area, they would have screamed too. The three sides of Umareta’s spirit fight for supremacy, but so potent were each of them that none could gain ascendancy. In the end their spirits merge completely. Unfortunately, this twisting of the fabric of reality triggers an opening within the being, a void, forming at its core, which begins to draw all energy into it.

The surrounding area experiences a sudden, violent drop in temperature to near absolute zero, with the horizon pushing rapidly outwards, threatening to engulf the city, the world, everything. Somehow, a deep instinct within the being kicks in and it fights to close the void. A titanic battle of nascent will vs the fabric of universal law ensues. In the end the being somehow wins, saving the universe in the process. He collapses, retreating into unconscious, his last thought… “Pancake. I’m hungry.”

Hours later

Keki wakes up and finds some rapidly thawing pancake mixture which he begins to ravenously demolish. Once he’s finished he wipes a furred and clawed hand across the mirrored surface of a piece of broken glass. The face of a monster stares back. From what he can tell, he’s about eight feet tall, heavily muscled, covered in long, dirty, white fur with dark blue claws, horns and fangs. His eyes are deep blue and flecked with deep red and gold. He bends down and picks up the fragments of the Katana lying on the floor, then steps out into the night.

Months later

Keki has found a home in the mountains. Taken in by a Kensai called Naoya Masamune and his crippled, yet beautiful daughter, Fujiko Masamune. Umareta is learning to control his power through Naoya’s and Fujiko’s teachings. They are also teaching Gobi, a humanoid, robotic AI, built by Naoya’s scientist friend, Toshiro.

Both Umareta and Gobi fall in love with Fujiko. Her empathy and humility combine with her grace and strength, only accentuated by her deformity, is utterly alluring to the two unusual beings.

One day, Naoya presents Umareta with a gift. A stunning, newly forged blade, made from the pieces of Kenro’s father’s katana. When Umareta touches the blade, his being is rocked as some residual part of Kenro’s spirit reacts violently. Deep within Umareta, reality splits once more, threatening his nearby friends and all of reality.

The adventure has barely begun, to be continued…


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