An unprecedented year for Cake Monster…this, next, perhaps both?

Cake Monster - Guest Column
4 min readDec 28, 2022

Authored by: DarkLight

Monsta frens, in a world dominated by lies and their truly awful economic and spiritual consequences, we have quite remarkably discovered and helped to nurture the one and only Cake Monster. A bright spark of unlimited economic potential, a growing force for economic reason and integrity in the world, the start perhaps, of a true antidote to all that ails the crypto and wider global markets.

First came the idea, coupled with the highest standards of rational economic intent. This was followed by the release of sublime early product and community formation. Finally, once tested, the community’s manifestation of the will to adapt and build and to climb, regardless of the challenges, to reach for and conquer the global cryptosocioeconomic summit.

From inception to the present day, the project team has exhibited the highest standards for integrity and innovation, work ethic and delivery. Always building, always adapting in an economically rational way that puts the $Monsta holding community first. They have seeded and exemplified the values and culture that are essential for the project and community to survive, grow and thrive.

In essence we have at our core a smart contract mediated, hyper deflationary and cyclically elastic, wealth aggregation and distribution machine. It feeds both the cyclical gravity drive (The Multi Asset Vaults) and also the accumulation of liquidity, revenue and yield bearing features at the heart of a sustainable economic system. Sustainability is the key and foundation to persistent integrity, resilience and ultimately adoption. The wealth aggregation machine functions with remarkable resilience, even in low volume market conditions and like an absolute beast at higher volumes. The Multi Asset Vaults serve to ensure value is retained for $Monsta holders under even the most challenging market conditions and ensuring value capture when market conditions are frothy. Monstas have no fear of sellers, all honest market participants are welcome.

The $Monsta economic system is an experiment, yet one that has been built to succeed with visceral sincerity. A review of the project documentation (including economic modelling) and production data will demonstrate this meticulously. Spending some time with the community in the various social channels will tell you that. Cake Monster was the proverbial “needle in the haystack.” Whilst huge swathes of the market was shown to be wearing no clothes, with millions of participants eviscerated, $Monsta has been a relative refuge of reason, calm and security. Monstas might well consider themselves to be some of the most fortunate of all crypto early adopters. Whatever entry your price, The Vault beckons and the mind-blowing bMonsta yield (emissions curve only goes up from here) is extraordinary in the context of a hyper deflationary $Monsta supply cycle.

For many of us, our journey together began about one and a half years ago. It is quite unbelievable how long ago that seems, how much has happened since then. Monstas have come and gone in that time, though there are many OGs and many new Monstas that have proven to be as ravenous for this project as anyone. All Monstas know that we are all Monstas. Within our vision of integrity and abundance for the future, there is a place for everyone and we’ll know when we’ve conquered the summit when we can make good on our Cake Monster 4 Good aspiration to feed the world. It is no idle ambition. No-one should be hungry. No one. Our machine will eat everything (all the good stuff) and we’ll give enough back to raise everyone up at least by that much…maybe more.

There is a long way to go before Cake Monster is unassailable. The completion of cycle 1 and the commencement of cycle 2 are critical milestones in proving the concept. With only six months to go, with everything the team has been working on, with the macro economic situation in a state of flux, things seem likely to become very interesting. Vault opening day will be a feast and even the thinking around cycle 2 configuration will provide a great deal of interest. As already telegraphed by the team, our roadmap is replete with features and tooling (DAO, DEX, DEX Bridge, Multi Network etc) that will further decentralise Cake Monster. Given the prevailing market conditions, escalation of assaults upon “crypto” and “DeFi” from entrenched financial and political interests and the general state of the principal Layer 1 blockchain networks, these are absolutely critical to the future security and resilience. of Cake Monster.

Together, we can build anything. Let’s continue to build something we can be proud of, something that is good for others as well as ourselves, something that lasts and perhaps even improves over time. Imagine looking back at Earth (our Monsta Planet) and instead of a hell of war, destruction, misery and death, it’s a vibrant, thriving jewel of abundance and joy, teeming with life, a worthy seat for true civilisation and humanity.

Monstas all, I wish you an absolutely magnificent new year, full of love, truth, joy, integrity and health.

Zen not wen. Monstas are The Vault.

Peace & prosperity for all.



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